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Powerful Features

Valuable analytics about your backlinks for understanding your status better.

Multi-User support under the same account to work efficiently with your team.

Check your landing pages and see which links point to them.

Easy bulk Excel import for your backlinks within seconds with one click.

Notification system to update you about your backlinks.

Multiple subscription options, depending on your needs, with easy and secure payment.

Follow / Nofollow, Anchor Text, Redirection and more option…

You build your business, we’ll manage the rest.

You will gain advantage on marketing world with high quality backlink tracking.

New Links Discovery

See and get notified of the New Discovered Backlinks that you haven't yet imported into the platform. Bulk import or easily select as per your choice.

Get Notified Automatically

Receive immediate updates about new or removed backlinks.

Easy Management

Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage all your backlinks easily with your team.