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Proactive link monitoring for serious SEO.

Actively monitor the links you are building and make sure they stay live and indexed. Backlink Patrol keeps track of all your link building work, so you can focus on the more important stuff.


42% of links break (or are removed) every year. Backlink Patrol ensures you don’t lose links you’ve worked so hard to build.

Stop manually checking for your backlinks.

Build accountability by assigning team members to specific links and domains.

Prevent Link Loss and maintain constant control with 24/7 backlink.

Find inactive links, duplicate links, & link health.

Grow your traffic by 24/7 link tracking.

Maximize efficiency by adding multiple domains. *

Backlink Patrol Features

  • Proactive backlink monitoring.
  • Import backlinks automatically with just one click!
  • Comprehensive and intuitive reporting.
  • Track your domain ranking with valuable metrics on your dashboard.
  • See your Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and total number of indexed pages on Google.
  • Identify total link spend, follow/nofollow distribution, most paid backlinks, and much more data!
  • Be notified of inactive backlinks, domain status, and newly discovered links.
  • Customize in-app & email notifications and report options.
  • Collaborate more effectively by creating Team and Multi-User support under the same account.*
  • Boost accountability by monitoring Link Spend and Provider Trust Ratio.
  • Add your backlink provider, contact details, and link cost.
  • Boost efficiency with Link Visualizer, and display the link and the page on the app.
  • Assign, track, & manage your backlink budget for each domain with more control.
  • Check your landing pages and review the links that point to them.
  • Take notes and access activity logs for any task.
* Please note that features may vary based on your subscription plan.

Start your links monitoring TODAY!

How Backlink Patrol Works?

  • Add the domain you wish to track links for.

  • Add URLs where you’ve placed or earned a link back to your target domain.

  • Backlink Patrol runs a daily scan of links across all of your tracked URLs and notifies you of the status of the page and the status of your backlinks.

Grow Your Traffic Now


I trust Backlink Patrol to alert me whenever I lose a link. It’s saved me hundreds of links (and thousands of dollars).

Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks

Chief Strategy Officer, From The Future