Backlink Tracking Basics: NoFollow Links vs. DoFollow Links

Backlinks can help or hinder your SEO, depending on how you and other websites use them. It’s better for you if other websites link to your pages, but worse if you do vice-versa. Even so, you want to foster backlinking by creating camaraderie or establishing yourself as an expert in your field. We want to […]

How Monitoring Your Link Profile Can Prevent Negative SEO

When spammers want to create negative SEO against your website, they need only to build low-quality links or redirects. Therefore, it is vital that you know when this is occurring. This is done through monitoring your link profile. There are various tools out there to accomplish this with reports sent directly to your inbox each […]

How To Identify Bad Backlinks Before It Hurts Your SEO

You want to preserve your SEO. Good SEO means that when potential consumers search for certain keywords, they will find you first on Google’s list of results. That’s because those keywords connect to the products or services you sell. Google, however, has programs designed to identify pages that over-optimize for SEO or promote spam. Then […]