What is a Backlink: Backlink Definition and Importance

Countless professional bloggers aren’t really aware of what backlinks are! They often talk about them and they might even brag about how many their particular site has. However, these self-proclaimed pundits often aren’t all that sure about how search engines really operate. Unfortunately, this means that the industry has ended up with a ton of […]

Backlink Tracking Basics: NoFollow Links vs. DoFollow Links

Backlinks can help or hinder your SEO, depending on how you and other websites use them. It’s better for you if other websites link to your pages, but worse if you do vice-versa. Even so, you want to foster backlinking by creating camaraderie or establishing yourself as an expert in your field. We want to […]

How to Audit Your Backlink Profile in 6 Easy Steps

What’s the search engine ranking of your latest post? Don’t cheat and go look it up on your favorite search engine! If you don’t trust the content you’re posting to appreciate in the rankings in a relatively short period of time, then you need to audit your backlinks and ensure that the ones you have […]