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Monitoring Backlinks and Guest Blogs

How To Track Your Paid Backlinks And Guest Blogs

The same way a social media profile introduces yourself to the world, a backlink profile tells the Internet world, name Google, an idea of what your site is about. However, while your social media is curated by you, a backlink profile will have everything about your website including thousands of links and URLs all containing data.

Despite an overwhelming amount of information, parsing it for SEO is crucial. Search engines use this valuable information to either give you first-page status on any related search query.

In this article, we’ll see how to track paid backlinks on your site and from guest blogs. This knowledge guides your content strategy, scheduling, and campaign efforts.

Tracking Paid Backlinks

You should already be using Google Analytics so that your website information analytics starts to build a robust database to mine. Google Analytics is also the place to start when it comes to tracking backlinks.

However, while Google Analytics gathers the information it doesn’t always reveal the measure the link quality signals. Besides measuring the impact of each link in terms of traffic and user engagement, also using a real-time link discovery tool like Backlink Patrol, also provides valuable insights on the quality of each link.

For example, a warning about a follow attribute that could mean a high spam score on Moz, spammy anchor text, or high external links. You’ll want to address this right away or be penalized by Google.

This two prong approach – Google Analytics the overview and Backlink Patrol for the closer inspection – allows you to paint the best picture of your website’s links. From here you can determine which links are helping or harming you. After that, as with all analytics, you can discover insights.

Tracking Guest Blog Posts

Tracking results is crucial for any kind of marketing or promotional campaign – including guest blogging. Measuring guest blogging results is a multi-faceted topic mainly since it involves the number of different outlets your post will go through such the other blogs, email newsletters, social media link trees, and so on.

Instead of manually tracking this process, using a tool like Backlink Patrol is a cost-effective SEO tool whose rewards far outweigh their cost. After submitting your domain, Backlink Patrol will monitor your links every 24 hours and send you email reports. On your own, you’d have to create spreadsheets detailing where your posts live and then check that these links are still live every day.

Monitoring direct traffic is usually one of the first measurements we want to know from our guest posts. Seeing the traffic numbers spike is one thing, but the real value is by paying attention to the referrals section in your analytics panel.

This is where you will learn where visitors are reading your guest post and then visiting your website. Backlink Patrol will give you this sort of insight and combined with Moz, you can look at the overall SEO trends and try to connect them to the guest posts you’ve landed through related topics and patterns.

Backlinking and Guest Blog Tracking Simplified

The sooner you start building a serious backlink profile and coming tools like Google Analytics and Backlink patrol, the sooner a backlink strategy can be used to radically enhance your content. Backlink Patrol will make your guest blogging and paid backlinking processes incredibly efficient. Track, monitor and grow your backlinks, ranks and manage all backlinking tasks in one place. As a worldwide team of professionals bringing their unique perspective from diverse cultures and backgrounds, we are dedicated to making your business more efficient. Contact us today to get started.

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