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5 backlinking tools

5 Backlink Analysis Tools to Skyrocket SEO

Backlink analysis is the cornerstone of SEO. Backlink analysis tools are extremely useful in helping you build a strong backlink profile to show you all the backlinks you have gained and their sources. This will give you an idea of your website’s ability to rank well in search results.

It also requires that you analyze the backlinks of your top competitorsso you can devise strategies to outrank them. The problem is there are so many tools that you may not know where to start. Sometimes it’s a matter of price or just preference for the interfact, but we decided to narrow down a few choices based on our personal experiences. Our recommendations below have increases the credibility and traffic for our clients and our own properties.

Top 5 Link Profile Monitoring Tools

1. Backlink Patrol

Backlink Patrol is one of best backlink analysis tools. This is a must-have for SEO experts, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Valuable analytics about your backlinks for understanding your status better.
  • Multi-User support under the same account to work efficiently with your team.
  • Moz data insights with Moz rank, domain authority, page authority and other highlights.
  • Check your landing pages and see which links point to them.
  • Easy bulk CSV import for your backlinks within seconds, using one click.
  • Notification system to update you about your backlinks.
  • Multiple subscription options depending on your needs, with easy and secure payment.
  • Follow / Nofollow, Anchor Text, Redirection and more options.

2. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO contains over 875 billion backlinks in its index making it one of the leading backlink tools in the world. It even lets you search based on Historic or Fresh Index.

  • Its Site Explorer tool helps you explore a domain/URL in detail.
  • And its Backlinks History Tool helps you determine the number of backlinks to a domain.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs can help you grow your search traffic, research your competitors, and monitor your backlinks. It provides you all the tools you might need to track your backlinks and keywords.

  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Helps you search for keywords and uncovering backlink opportunities.
  • It can also help you with competitive analysis and web monitoring.

4. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks boasts its easy dashboard with big insights. It’s a bit overpriced for what it is, but users tend to stick to interfaces that they are comfortable with.

  • It can help you recover your valuable lost links.
  • It allows you to track keyword rankings over time and analyze the impact of your backlink changes on your rankings.
  • Helps you build high-quality links that can help you grow your website traffic

5. SEM Rush

SEMrush is positioned as your “All-in-one” SEO toolkit. It’s a lot of great options that may go to waste if you simply need a way to monitor backlinks, but for the pricetag of $99 a month, it is all-encompassing. Besides link-building it can also

  • Monitor mentions
  • Track industry trends
  • Perform backlink audits and analysis.
  • And much more.

Try Backlink Patrol Today!

We make it our business (literally) to know which features are going to serve our clients best when it comes to backlink monitoring. When we promise that a dedicated SEO strategy will generate lead generation and e-commerce sales, it’s based on years of evolving right alongside this industry. Backlink Patrol’s simplicity is the genius of it.  To get started contact us today.

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